Are Ionic Shower Heads Any Good? The Benefits of Using It

Ionic shower heads are well known for their ability to filter and purify the water they spray. To remove pollutants and soften the water, they use bioactive mineral balls.

They are, therefore, ideal for those who suffer from dryness and eczema, as they provide an improved showering sensation.

Except for the translucent metal backplate, which houses small ceramic beads and a stainless steel head with microscopic holes in it, the Ionic Filter Showerhead looks like a conventional showerhead. Keep reading this article to know if Ionic Shower Heads are any good for your shower.

Are Ionic Shower Heads Any Good

What is an Ion?

An ‘ion’ is an electrically charged atom. When a non-metal atom gains a negatively charged electron, it becomes a negatively charged ion.

It’s not clear why negative ionic shower heads have been related to better health and well-being, but they have.

Over the past decade, negative ion shower heads have been employed to eradicate sickness and clean the air. Showerheads are a good source of negative ions, which are formed naturally by water movement.

Why is it Called an Ionic Shower Head?

There are ceramic balls inside the water that is responsible for producing an ionic effect. Each ceramic ball contains negative-ion minerals for optimal performance.

Filtration and purification are both achieved by using this mineral combination simultaneously. In the case of hard water, installing a showerhead that includes a water filter is the best option.

Ionic showerheads eliminate these ions from the water supply by using bioactive mineral balls. It’s possible to refer to these mineral balls with negative ions as bioactive stones. 

A water softener and an ionic filter, remove the hardness from the water and make it easier to drink.

Do Ionic Shower Heads Soften Water?

Ionic showerheads soften hard water by replacing high quantities of calcium and magnesium with sodium chloride in a process known as ion exchange. This is an excellent water softening solution for the entire household.

How Filtered Shower Heads Act as a Water Softener?

Minerals like calcium and magnesium are found in hard water since they’ve passed through rock types before being collected, stored, and fed into the plumbing system.

The bioactive mineral shower head eliminates these ions through mineral balls. Some people refer to these negative ion mineral balls as mineral stones. A water softener and an ionic filter, remove the hard water’s hardness from the supply.

The ionic filtration showerhead can be viewed as a miniature version of the water cycle – but in the opposite direction. As the water travels through the beads, it becomes softer and more pleasant for those with dry skin and eczema to use.

Adding to the pleasantness of the water is the removal of excess chlorine, which further reduces dryness.

What Are The Benefits of an Ionic Shower Head?

These are the main filtered showerhead benefits given below.

Soften Water

Using a high-quality filtering system and the bioactive minerals found in it, the water’s hardness is effectively removed. In addition, they eliminate contaminants.

Pure and Toxic-free

The Water is hygienic since it is free of any impurities. There will be no harmful particles in the water.

Saves Energy

Showerheads with ionic technology have been shown to conserve water. About 30 percent of the water used for bathing by ordinary showers can be saved by using these showerheads.


The ionic shower head can help lower blood pressure and alleviate feelings of stress. For both the skin and muscles, it provides an instant pick-me-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ionic shower heads increase water pressure?

Yes, there is a noticeable rise in how forceful your current trickle of water is.

Do ionic shower heads need to be replaced?

Changing and refilling the bioactive mineral balls of your Ionic shower head every six to twelve months of typical use is recommended to keep you and your showerhead in peak condition.

Can you use an ionic showerhead with a power shower?

Yes, you can use an ionic showerhead with a power supply. This will save your energy bill and heat water fast.

Bottom Line

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with water that’s soft or moderately soft, taking a regular shower might be okay.

An ionic shower filter is most useful in places with hard water. First, to notice will be those who suffer from dry skin and hair, as well as various irritations.

The health benefits of ionic showers may still entice soft water users, however. An ordinary shower is what you get with a standard showerhead. Ionic showerheads, on the other hand, can improve health and happiness by reducing the harmful effects of hard water, so they may be worth investigating.

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