Best Shower Head Filter For Blonde Hair in 2021 – Protect Your Hair And Skin

Blonde hair maintenance is particularly challenging, in particular, if they want to keep it light in color. Because of harsh chemicals in normal water, you may have dull and dry blonde locks. The best shower filter for blonde hair is a great choice.

Blonde hair may go dull for various reasons, and you may have already observed this. The mineral build-up in your shower can be part of the problem. There’s also the issue of chlorine and germs in the water making for lackluster blonde hair.

An effective strategy for combating this is to utilize the best high-pressure shower head filter for blonde hair that will neutralize mineral content and soften your water supply.

Blonde hair is very common in the population, and so are concerned about washing out color. For people who care about maintaining their blonde-haired woman, there are some best shower head filters for blonde hair available.

best shower head filter for blonde hair

Top 10 Best Shower Head Filter For Blonde Hair in 2021

01. AquaBliss SF100 High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter For Blonde Hair

AquaBliss SF100 High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter For Blonde Hair

The Aquabliss 12-stage shower filter works via a groundbreaking 12-step procedure that takes care of your water needs, by cleansing it and improving its overall quality.

The AquaBliss AB-SF100 filter can assist fix problems caused by hard water, bad water, which results in skin and hair problems. It reduces the aggravation associated with eczema and parched, sensitive skin.

One of the main influencing variables for skin, hair, and nail health is pH, and this filter removes a lot of the excess alkalinity. The AquaBliss will balance the pH in your water, ensuring your showers are clean and safe.

Water quality is usually gauged by chlorine and heavy metals. To address germs and pesticides, Aquabliss uses two methods, dissolving both at the same time.

A big part of this appliance’s advantages is the filtration, which stops scale, algae, mold, and fungus from growing, as well as prevents hard water from forming in the tank.

To ensure that no silt slips through the filter, the filter is equipped with a multi-level sediment filtration mechanism.

The AB-SF100 has a design that isn’t found anywhere else: 4 different ceramic and magnetic ball sizes. There are numerous benefits, including the treatment of your skin and water quality. The infrared balls improve the water’s negative ions and oxygen, which soothes and rejuvenates your skin.

The ceramic balls operate on both your skin and hair, giving them a thorough makeover. They handle every process from eliminating toxins while reintroducing necessary minerals to spiking the water with vitamin C.

ThisAquabliss shower filter for blonde hair is an excellent choice because it eliminates irritating ingredients while still adding relaxing aspects to the mix.

People with dry and sensitive skin will be able to notice a difference right away, and their discomfort will subside right after the first usage.

If you want all the benefits of the AquaBliss AB-SF100 but don’t want to have to pay for a whole house softening system, then this is the solution for you. The filtration system in place here gives you the very best water conceivable because it’s far superior to other systems in the same category.

  • Offers universal fitting, quick and easy installation
  • Helps to repair and restore damaged hair, skin, and nails
  • Help to make healthier skin
  • The unique filtration system removes harmful chemicals
  • The filter is temporary
  • Quality isn’t up to the mark

02. BWDM 15 Stage Shower Filter For Hard Water

BWDM 15 Stage Shower Filter For Hard Water

This 15-stage shower filter by BWDM is a great starting point if you’re seeking to give this product a try without spending too much money. Its filter lasts between four and six months and includes 15 stages.

With this best dry skin shower filter for blonde hair, your water is noticeably better quality because of the 15-shower head filter stages. It also revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, hair, and nails in addition to filtering out any pollutants and sediments. The BWDM 15-stage Shower Head Filter is our best option for the cheapest shower head filter.

The best inexpensive shower head filter is one that not only has low cost but also offers amazing value for money by removing pollutants and particulates while making the water soft.

In the place of hiring a plumber to set up a water softening system, an easy to install, low-cost option is available. The difference in my skin was evident after the first shower. Even though I didn’t apply lotion after my shower, the customary dry look and feel of my skin were not present.

Wow, my hair has never looked so shiny and smooth! It is more appealing and much easier to handle. It’s more convenient and nicer overall. I had no idea that pollutants in our water were weighing down and dulling my hair until I switched to filtered water.

Despite the affordable pricing, it provides great value by comparing well to higher-end shower head filters and has the best quality performance of all shower head filters at its price point.

  • Purifies skin and removes harmful impurities
  • Compatible with most shower heads
  • Installation is very easy
  • It can leak sometimes

03. GOMAX Relieves Dry Skin Shower Water Filter Rejuvenate Skin And Blonde Hair

GOMAX Relieves Dry Skin Shower Water Filter Rejuvenate Skin And Blonde Hair

The adjustable shower head on this model manages water use most effectively and with precision. Its 15-stage filtration process will keep your water clean and smooth.

The anti-clogging nozzles are designed to combat limescale and hard water deposits. The shower additionally features five spray settings with options for rainfall, mist, massage, rainfall, and rainfall with a massage.

This best-polished chrome shower head for blonde hair will make your shower seem classy and will come with a lifetime guarantee for your added peace of mind.

The shower filter is the first of its kind to employ a water filtration method that uses a high-pressure stream. Each time a person washes their hair after using the product, they’ll notice a clearer, softer texture.

The incredible technology can completely get rid of chlorine, heavy metals, and other dangerous impurities, which cause dryness and hair damage. While your blonde hair will appear lustrous, silky, and full of body, your skin will also feel softer.

Choosing between the three settings — massage, mist, or stream — is entirely up to you. The best shower head filter for blonde hair works great when you’re doing a facial or shaving underarms, as it softens skin.

You get your hair cleaned and shining after every shower thanks to the strong nozzles. It purifies your water, making it less damaging to your hair.

  • Purifies water with reduced toxin exposure to protect your family
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • Enables anti-clogging and anti-rusting
  • Come up with a chrome finish to make your bathroom look more stylish
  • It doesn’t clean hard material
  • The process is quite complicated

04. Aqua Earth Coconut Shell Shower Filter For Blonde Hair

Aqua Earth Coconut Shell Shower Filter For Blonde Hair

The Aqua Earth 15-stage shower filter system is the second system in the feature. The system incorporates Vitamin C filtration that removes minerals and minerals while also using coconut-activated carbon technology to remove heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and silt.

Your shower water will be cleaner, making it more suitable for your skin. It will eliminate smells from the water, soften your skin and hair, and revive your skin and hair.

There are two levels of filtering to be done: the first filter using stainless steel, and the second filter is much finer, using stainless steel. A microporous PP cotton layer, medicinal stone layer, and negative-ion balls have been included.

It may be installed in a few minutes without the need for any tools and it’s simple. With this extremely useful filter, there’s no longer a need to purchase shower filters separately because it works with practically every type of shower available on the market.

We’re also grateful that the directions are well-written and easy to follow, which streamlines the installation process.

Filters are rated to purify 10,000 gallons of water per filter, so each should serve the average home for four to six months. In actuality, this depends on how often the shower is used and how much water is consumed.

Although it is crucial to know that this device is for removing chlorine and not chloramine—which you should check for if you live in an area where your water is treated with chloramine—it is equally vital to understand that this device is not intended to remove chloramine.

This filter has been a blessing, and I don’t need a water softener anymore because my hair and skin are still just as soft as when I was taking showers with one.

Water near my neighborhood is so doused in chlorine that it smells like a swimming pool, leaving our skin itchy and dry after a shower. This little gadget helps get all of the dirt out of our hair and makes us seem like we had a great shower.

  • Provides soft water
  • Great for hair and skin
  • It doesn’t stop or slow down the flow of water
  • All the instructions are clear
  • The water smells almost like an egg
  • Water hardness can affect the filter

05. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head With Filter for Blonde Hair

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head With Filter for Blonde Hair

The high-pressure showerhead features 15-stage filtration, which is impressive, to say the least. AquaHomeGroup claims that this level of filtration is the highest possible, which means you obtain very pure water.

The AquaHomeGroup filter can take care of issues with contaminant contaminants including pesticides, sediments, and chlorine in your shower water.

Its filtering mechanism offers up to fifteen levels of filtration, ensuring that any irritants or contaminants will be removed before they have a chance to contaminate your skin.

This best high-pressure shower filter for blonde hair is by far the greatest product I’ve ever had the pleasure of buying. There’s nothing like a warm shower after a long day, especially if you make it a ritual of treating yourself to moisturizing body butter afterward.

Breakage and broken flyaways have diminished. My hair also becomes thicker. I love the convenience of AquaHome’s handheld shower with several showerheads, but there are much too many shower heads for me.

The filter features 15 filtering stages to ensure the most efficient filtration possible. It removes numerous impurities, and it can last you around six months, but the length of time varies depending on how often you use it.

Water from the shower filter contains a host of nutrients. Vitamin C and E, activated carbon, alkaline ceramic balls, KDF-55, calcium sulfite, stone, and geranium balls all have something to do with removing acidity.

When I raise the heat in my shower, the water is softer and there is no chlorine scent. My hair is so much better because of this filter, and I think it’s also helping my skin because I am breaking out less. You will get your money’s worth.

  • The design is luxurious and elegant
  • Enables easy assembly and installation
  • The 15-stage filtration offers maximum cleanliness
  • You will get a spa experience right at home
  • Reduction of water pressure can happen
  • This product adds more dissolved solids

06. Benicci Luxurious 15 Stage Shower Head Filter For Washing Blonde Hair

Benicci Luxurious 15 Stage Shower Head Filter For Washing Blonde Hair

Using a hard water shower filter will help improve your health and wellbeing since it removes pollutants and makes water both more oxygenated and fresh. Invest in better hygiene with this shower filter, which will make your shower time even more rewarding.

This water softener shower head leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth while adding Vitamin C to the water, making it more invigorating. This will help with skin allergies and eczema, as it eliminates certain chemicals.

Installing it is a breeze, and be sure to wrap the white tape eight times before mounting it. I’ve made the connections, and I’ve purchased higher-quality plumbers tape. Use the washers even if they are not required.

It comes with two filters, and it is well presented in an attractive container. The Teflon tape and silicone sealing on the product should make it unnecessary to use the tape, as silicone seals are quite flexible.

The idea was to help with the odor of the water. The pungent stench had nearly completely disappeared after its use.

This shower water filter offers a high-quality filtration process with the combination of an ultra-fine steel mesh, alkaline ceramic balls, and Vitamin C and coconut activated carbon levels.

Choosing these shower filters can help you get rid of chlorine and fluoride and their negative impacts on your mental health. It helps you feel better, mentally and cognitively. This product is perfect if you’re on a budget and are searching for something simple to install.

  • Your skin won’t feel dry and itchy
  • Easy to install
  • It is an affordable option
  • It reduces the smell in the water
  • This filter is loosely placed
  • There is no barrier between stages

07. SITAFL 15 Stage High Output Shower Filter To Improve Skin Dryness And Blonde Hair

SITAFL 15 Stage High Output Shower Filter To Improve Skin Dryness And Blonde Hair

The SITAFL 15-stage is the best adjustable shower filter for blonde hair that removes all types of metals, minerals, and contaminants from your water with higher efficiency. It adds vitamin C to your water, making your skin healthier and younger-looking.

It is unusual because of its Maifan stone layer. Your skin’s natural pH levels will be better maintained with this. After using this shower filter, you can instantly see skin and hair are softened.

This shower filter for hair, among other common household objects, has received a technical improvement, thanks to modern technology. You can usually count on having access to good-quality water whenever you take a shower.

In this machine, you’ll find a total of 15 different safety features developed by 15th stage technology to safeguard you from harsh chemicals like chlorine.

One of the most comprehensive filtration systems has a 15-stage filtration system. No scale, filth, or pathogens will make it through. No metals, chlorine, fluoride, organic compounds, pesticides, or any other harmful material will make it through either.

The magnetic energy balls charge the water, making it super oxygenated, which feeds your hair and skin better.

This water filtering system neutralizes chlorine and chloramine with vitamin C. It might even make the skin look more luminous and smoother.

The medicinal stone layer sucks out impurities while restoring your body’s pH equilibrium. It includes everything you need to install it, including Teflon tape, 2 filter cartridges, and other stuff you’ll need.

Using this water line shower filter for blonde hair, you will be able to get rid of many types of contaminants, including heavy metals. It will benefit your shower, but also other water-using appliances, such as your sink, laundry, and other water-related equipment.

Water sanitation can be a challenge for people on the go. A portable water filter like this one will offer you some relief.

  • Beneficial for hair and skin
  • Provides a soft flow of filtered water
  • It removes a maximum level of contamination
  • Compatible with all types of the shower head
  • Not effective in removing chlorine

08. PureSpa High Output 15 Stage Shower Filter For Blonde Hair And Dry Skin

PureSpa High Output 15 Stage Shower Filter For Blonde Hair And Dry Skin

J&B Pure Spa shower filter includes ceramic balls which, when combined with the product’s natural antimicrobial properties, provide maximum water filtration and neutralizes odors.

When you have a filter that is attached and detached from your shower head, maintenance is simple. Because it’s a standard size, the filter is widely compatible and may be used with a range of showerheads.

Everything nasty and chlorine-scented has been disposed of, making it perfect. Setting up my shower filter was incredibly simple. All you have to do is remove the showerhead, put plumbers tape over the threads, and screw the filter on with new plumbers tape.

Once that’s done, simply place the plumber’s tape over the filter and reattach the showerhead. The filter may be taken apart and changed in a short time, and the seams are finished to an exceptional standard.

A roll of plumbers tape and an extra filter is tossed in as a surprise to sweeten the deal. The price can’t be beat, because you get two filters. Higher quality water results in certainty.

In the end, your water supply will be steadier and more resistant to scaling. A shower filter with excellent water purifying properties is great for anyone with sensitive skin.

The J&B pure spa shower filter may be used at any temperature, and its filtration can handle a whopping 15-stage filtration. Your water has less chlorine, which helps cut down on dry skin. That’s because of the active carbon charcoal.

Active carbon, calcium sulfite, and KDF-55 (all compounds mixed) all help improve water filtering. The shower filter cartridge lasts a long time (8 months) and is unbreakable, so it provides long-term service.

  • Removes minerals from shower water
  • Hair color and texture last long
  • Installation is easy
  • Works very well and is excellent for the shower
  • Quality is cheap
  • Skin looks itchy

09. Aquasana KDF Filtration Shower Water Filter For Blonde Hair

Aquasana KDF Filtration Shower Water Filter For Blonde Hair

If you are searching for a great shower, try comparing all the options to get the best shower head for your blonde hair. The Aquasana Shower Filter with showerhead contains the greatest handheld showerhead.

Aquasana Premium Shower Filter makes it easy to attach and detach shower filters. Installing the showerhead in the bathroom is easy because it requires no equipment.

Showering under filtered water is possible by simply attaching a shower head to the shower filter. Aquasana’s shower filter has an up-flow design with a two-stage filtration technology.

The presence of two unique shells in the most advanced shower filter results in the better removal of contaminants from the water. The Shower Head Filter helps keep your bath clean.

A water softener, which reduces harshness from water, is included with this showerhead to provide a softer, more nourishing experience for your skin and hair.

This water softener attaches to showerheads and makes them simple to use. It offers choices to give a fantastic shower massage on its showerhead. The five-foot shower wand helps both kids and dogs to be cleaned easily.

The water stream produced by this shower head is great. About 2.5 liters of water are released every minute from the shower. About 60 inches in length, the hose is about the size of an adult’s torso. Additionally, the filter can filter water for half a year without giving out any dirt or chlorine.

  • Provides healthy skin
  • Removes chlorine effectively
  • Tool-free installation
  • Smell and odors are removed
  • It doesn’t last long
  • The hose can break easily

10. HOPOPRO High Output 18 Stage Shower Chlorine Filter For Hard Water

HOPOPRO High Output 18 Stage Shower Chlorine Filter For Hard Water

This is an 18-stage high-efficiency shower filter, which is fairly priced. The filter also takes out the terrible odor and contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals.

It has coconut-activated carbon, which improves the flavor of water and leaves it tasting more invigorating. After a hot shower, you will have an increased sense of calm. Vitamin C keeps skin looking young and beautiful.

My residence is in a region with hard water, and hence I fear my hair could start to fall out. Following my research on the filters, I’ve decided to go with this model because it features a filter system with eighteen stages and good filtration effectiveness, while it’s also affordable.

The filter, cartridge, type, and installation guide are all included in the package. The setup instructions are simple and it just takes around 10 minutes to finish. I don’t notice any increase in the water flow rate after installing this filter.

After only a couple of days, I’ve been happy with this device, and I recommend it to anyone in the market for a filter that removes hard water.

It works nicely in both showerheads and faucet heads in the home. Installing it is simple; all you need is a bit of Teflon tape. It can survive for up to 8 months. High water pressure will not change how well it works.

You should protect your skin and hair from UV rays with this all-in-one filter.

  • Improves shower water quality
  • Prevents hair loss and skin irritation
  • Perfect for long-time uses
  • Durable and well made with a plastic chrome finish
  • It makes your shower head lower
  • The water filtration rate is slow

What is the Purpose of a Shower Filter?

Shower filters get rid of pollutants and contaminants, which can be utilized to protect water from bacteria. It’s possible that water may become polluted by metals in pipes or if your water is more than adequate, then you might have a lot of silt and hazardous particles in your water.

In general, water provided to customers in the United States is chlorinated, however, water companies are switching to chloramine as it is believed to be a better alternative and can be used at lower percentages than chlorine.

Do Shower Head Filters Actually Work?

You may ask if shower head filters can actually work.

Shower filters don’t make water soft, but they take out chlorine and other impurities, making water less harsh on your skin and hair, and making it easier to shave or style your hair.

Flow regulation is the equivalent of regular shower head flow; filters often handle water at 10 Liters per minute. Though saving water and money may be a good way to incorporate water-saving shower heads with your filter, there is not anything wrong with combining your filter with a water-saving showerhead.

Will a Shower Head Filter Help My Hair?

Hair follicle damage will cause excessive hair loss if it is not dealt with. If left untreated, the follicle will die, causing hair loss. Hair loss can be prevented by installing the best shower filter for blonde hair.

These filters reduce the hardness of water by filtering out elements such as calcium, magnesium, etc. which cause hair loss.

Advantages of Shower Head Filter for Blonde Hair

Here’s some color advice for my blondes. I prefer to have simple, natural, and, ideally, zero upkeep hair. To add more light to my blonde hair, I used some other cool colors for the summer.

After spending time and money on having my hair colored or highlighted, I am constantly left feeling disappointed with the result, as it turns out a different hue or has brassy tones.

Your hair can suffer if you expose it to chlorine, chloramine, metals, and sediment, which leaves it looking limp and greasy.

One of the other potential ways to end up with color in your hair is by using hair dye, although especially blonde-haired people should be aware that chlorine could give you a tan.

To avoid having to struggle with tangles and bad hair days, keep hair away from chlorinated water. Permed hair can easily get knotted and unruly.

Chlorine and other un-filtered water elements can keep shampoo and conditioner from rinsing effectively, further intensifying your hair problems with extra weight and decreased shine.

Installing a shower filter will help eliminate hair damage caused by chlorine and other contaminants, by filtering the water and trapping those substances before they can reach your hair.

The hair will be cleansed and rinsed efficiently. Dyed hair will stay the color it was dyed, even if it is permed, and will keep its shape and bounce.

Features to Look at the Best Shower Filter for Blonde Hair

When you’re getting a shower filter, make sure you choose one that is compatible with your water type. Make sure to examine these important factors while picking the ideal shower filter for blonde hair.

Filter Types

It’s important to determine the type of filter you would like to employ initially. Carbon and KDF filters each have two categories. In contrast to the carbon filters, which last for a relatively short period, KDF filters can be expected to endure for years, depending on how much sediment is in your water supply.


A filter has a maximum lifetime of about 6 months. Keeping the filter clean is vital to keeping a shower clean and healthy. The filter must be accessible when you turn on the shower.

Quality of Water

Make sure to check the water quality regularly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your shower filter. This is especially important if you don’t have a whole-house water filtration system. In contrast to soft water, hard water wears out the media even more quickly.

If there’s any sediment, like rust, dirt, and debris, in your water, it will block the filter and prevent it from doing its job. While KDF reduces chlorine, heavy metals, and other waterborne toxins, the greater the filter’s capacity for purification, the more quickly it will lose effectiveness with time.

Vitamin C

For instance, the Vitamin C filters are not only useful for blonde hair, but they are wonderful for skincare. Vitamin C repairs broken ends and nourishes hair. It combats skin damage and prevents aging symptoms.

Carbon Filter

Make sure that you get a shower filter with activated carbon if you are going to buy one. This item can capture little pieces of filth like dust, germs, and smell. Benzene and smaller particles measuring 3 microns or less can be eliminated with the use of the carbon filter.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a KDF shower filter?

A KDF medium is used in most shower filters, and the KDF says the filter helps to decrease the levels of chlorine, soluble heavy metals, and scale.

To eliminate chlorine in hot water, the KDF shower filter utilizes the most efficient media — the proprietary KDF 55 copper-zinc alloy. With carbon-based filters, their media’s effectiveness goes down when it is hotter. On the other hand, KDF media becomes more effective in higher temperatures.

What is a universal shower filter?

The universal shower filter is an item that can be placed in-between the showerhead and shower arm to create a completely customized bathing experience.

Do shower Filters help blonde hair?

To maintain skin health, it is recommended that Shower filters with Vitamin C be used. In addition, these filters have a special benefit for blonde hair. Your hair will get the nutrition and protection it needs from vitamin C, which is an antioxidant.

Do shower filters work for hair?

You won’t be able to get the same results as a regular water softener, but you will still enjoy smoother skin and hair, thanks to the best shower filter for hair that eliminate chlorine and other impurities.

Do shower filters need regular cleaning?

Shower filters should be changed every year to keep them clean or functioning. You may need to purchase a new shower filter if you encounter damage to the threads or swivel nut.

Do dermatologists recommend shower filters?

You need a showerhead Filter to boost skin health because dermatologists endorse it. A clean feeling will ensue after a shower.

Final Words

Actually, unhealthy water is the culprit behind hair and skin issues. Use the water filter for washing hair if you want to take good care of your blonde hair and skin.

Blonde hair requires a bit of tender loving care, and filtering your shower water is one option for that. Mineral components and pollutants might harm your hair and skin.

There are also plenty of shower filters available; you simply need to know how to get the best shower head filter for blonde hair for you. There will be no trouble for you when it comes to finding the right one after reading this review.

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