How To Decrease Water Pressure In Shower? [Step By Step]

High-pressure water can cause severe difficulties such as pinhole leaks and seriously affect the life of the water heater, washing machine, and boiler system as well as increase your water bills.

If the automatic faucet water pressure is too high, the pressure on the fixture is also higher. High shower pressure can imply that shower water doesn’t have a restrictor or a restrictor that doesn’t work.

Most shower heads allow you to alter water flow and pressure. If this doesn’t work anymore, you might have a restrictor problem.

Excessive pressure in the pipe may be the fault of a failed restrictor, not to mention the various issues that might lead to excessive pressure over time.

To get rid of this problem you should ensure low pressure of water in the shower only.

Let’s have a look at this guide about how to decrease water pressure in shower.

Equipment’s That You Would Need For The Job:

  • Safety goggles
  • A bucket
  • Wrenches
  • Plastic sheeting
  • New water pressure regulator valve
How To Decrease Water Pressure In Shower

Different Types of Process For Decreasing Water Pressure in Shower

01: Check The Valves

Step 1: If you find signs of high pressure of water in the house then check the valves first. Now, if you don’t do it, high water pressure can destroy shower heads and ropes.

Step 2: Once you find out that everything is all right with your shower head, you should move to inspect the valves.

Simply said, if your shower head is running a lot of water, it is necessary to loosen or tighten the valves too much.

Step 3: Now, in most circumstances, it is not easy to find these shower valves. They are typically located somewhere behind a wall or in a cellar, depending on the installation.

Therefore, if you are unable to reach or just cannot find these valves, it is recommended that a water pressure regulator be installed.

02: Check For Rust

When these valves are found, make sure that you do the following:

Step 1: These valves are more often old and covered in rust, which might lead to the problem. Therefore, you’re going to have to clean them and make sure they have no rust.

Step 2: It’s always a good idea to replace them, if you can’t clean them, or they’re too old, and buy a new valve.

In this approach, you’ll check sure all functions correctly and there’s no high water pressure in your shower.

Step 3: Now, the fact is how do I lower my water pressure? To lessen pressure, turn the valves clockwise. If both valves are in good shape, then you have to turn them clockwise.

When you turn the valves in the clockwise direction, you lessen the pressure and the water that passes through your bathroom.

Step 4: But don’t turn it too hard because it can shut off all the shower faucets. If you’re not sure when enough, check the pressure every time you turn the valves.

03: Reduce Boiler Pressure

As we all know, hot water comes from the boiler to the shower head and the pressure of hot water can sometimes be very strong. That is why in the shower you are under strong pressure.

Step 1: Identify The Pressure Gauge

You need to find the pressure gauge to lessen the shower pressure from your boiler.

A pressure indicator is an object that can tell you the overall pressure level of the boiler. So if the pressure is high or low, by looking at the pressure gauge you will know.

Water Pressure Gauge

Step 2: Determine The Pressure Level

Once the pressure gauge is located, it is very vital to get the pressure properly read. Simply expressed, the pressure within a boiler depends on the boiler type and size.

In general, you should read the pressure gauge between 15-30 PSI. The pressure of water is low flow if the values are below this range.

Step 3: Place The Safety Valve

Now you need to discover the security valve to reduce the water pressure from your boiler. The safety valve is like a metal valve and is normally mounted on a line near the boiler.

Therefore, this valve controls the pressure inside a boiler and there you have to make a few modifications to lessen the pressure.

Step 4: Inspect The Valves

The valve should be in good shape and easy to use. Once you decide if leaks or cracks exist, you should act on them. It is not difficult to replace defective valves because you simply have to purchase a proper valve that suits your installation.

Step 5: Turn The Valve

On the other hand, if it looks all right, merely turn the valve clockwise and decrease the pressure inside a boiler. Remember that the pressure level should not exceed 30 PSI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any risks with higher water pressure in the shower?

Do you know what happens if your water pressure is too high? High water pressure can cause plumbing system and attachments to damage. In addition, skin and hair experts think that high water pressure in the shower is also to the disadvantage of skin and scalp.

Can you improve the water pressure by cleaning the shower head?

Sometimes variable pressure of water in the shower is caused by an increase in sediment in the shower head. Try to eliminate buildup and increase pressure to purify the nozzles and immerse the shower head into vinegar.

Can you remove the shower head water flow restrictor?

Yes, there is only a plastic disk within the shower head. While manufacturers need these discs to be installed in their products, they can be removed to boost water pressure.

Inforgraphic For Decrease Water Pressure In Shower

Bottom line

High water pressure resolution in the shower water is an easy repair, and with simple DIY efforts, you can do it. On the other hand, your water pressure and the valve could be less problematic and more so with the integrity of the plumbing pipes themselves.

The reduction of water pressure in a shower necessitates that you know a bit more about the valves. In addition, if you seem to get the problem out of your hands, you will need to hire a professional because repairing defective valves is not your job without plumbing skills.

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