How To Deflate Intex Hot Tub? [Step To Step Guide]

With an Intex inflatable hot tub at home, you may enjoy a pleasant and warm spa experience for your house. However, when it comes to owning a portable hot tub, it is not always about relaxation and enjoyment.

You should also know how to keep the Intex hot tub and one of the most important parts of keeping it.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to deflate Intex hot tub and pack it in excellent shape. Following our suggestions, your hot tub will then be as good as new in the spring, ready for the next season as a portable hot tub.

How To Deflate Intex Hot Tub

How to Drain an Intex Hot Tub – A Complete Guide

For draining an Intex Hot Tub, you need to perform the following steps.

Step 1: Collect all Necessary Equipment

At first, you must collect all necessary tools and equipment for easy drainage and cleaning before draining your hot tub.

Some goods that you could require are a shaft, garden shaft, brush, new filter cartridge, cleaning towels, and cleaning solution, of course.

Step 2: Turn Off the Power

Before draining it for your safety, make sure you have unplugged the primary power source of your hot tub.

Step 3: Input Your Drain Valve

The drain valve is usually found on the outside of your hot tub. Connect the cleaning nozzle to your drain valve and connect it to a hose.

Please insert the nozzle into the drain valve. If your Intex hot tub does not have a cleaning pin, you may have a hose adapter to insert your garden hose on the drain valve.

Step 4: Drain Your Hot Tub

After inserting the hose into your hot tub, open the drain valve on your hot tub to start draining the water. This is normally on the bottom of the hot tub.

Step 5: Clean Filtration

You can continue cleaning up your filtration system while you are waiting for your hot tub to empty fully. If your filter cartridge needs replacement, you should change it once enough waste has already accumulated.

Step 6: Clean Interior Walls

Once the water of your hot tub is emptied, it’s time to clean your internal walls and remove debris and grain gathered on the walls of your hot tub.

Step 7: Make It Dry

If feasible, you can dry your Intex hot tub under the sun to speed up this procedure. Making sure that it is well dried without water or moisture can stop the formation of stains on your hot tub liner.

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Reasons Why You Should Drain Your Inflatable Intex Hot Tub

  • The main reason you should dry up your Intex whirlpool is to prevent bacteria from settling in your whirlpool. Because the temperature is lovely and warm, it can be a place for germs and for molds to grow.
  • You must maintain and clean your Intex hot tub every 3 months to guarantee it is in good condition depending on your use.
  • It would be best if you also drained your hot tub in the winter season for another purpose. Most inflatable hot tubs are not for use in the cold months, so it is advisable to maintain them safe and avoid harm.

How Do You Deflate an Intex Inflatable Hot Tub?

How Do You Deflate an Intex Inflatable Hot Tub?

You just need to follow the process of how to deflate your Intex spa. You need to put the inflating tubing in place and then click the deflate button on your digital panel. The hot tub is gone in seconds.

You may find that your inflated hot tub engine has no deflated button. In this scenario, remove the inflator valve and press on the hot tub to remove air from the valve, as you may have done in the past with an airbed.

Guide on How to Deflate an Intex Hot Tub

If you need to deflate your Intex hot tub for convenient storage, you can do so with the pump and heating system supplied by the product.

The shell needs to be reinserted into the valve where it is placed when you inflate your hot tub Intex. This time, turn the setting to deflate to eliminate the air in your inflating whirlpool simply.

If you do not have that choice, you could have to do the traditional way of inflating products by manually pressing it while the valve is open for the air to drain.

How Do You Find a Leak in Your Intex Hot Tub?

If you suspect that your hot tub leaks, you will have to go looking for the leak as soon as possible, and of course, you will have to handle it as soon as possible.

Today, many people appear to feel they need all kinds of equipment to discover a leak in their hot tub.

To find a leak in your Intex hot tub, you just need a little water, liquid soap, and a spray bottle. In your spray bottle, mix your water and a few soap squirts. Make sure that the soap is dissolved in the water without it.

Now you’re going to want to spritz around that hot tub with your spray bottle. You want to get to the places where you think a leak might occur.

If the soap begins to bubble up on the surface, the air is driven into it. This signifies that you’ve got a leak. To search for spots to ‘spray,’ you want to find small black marks on the hot tub surface. However, not all of these marks will be leaked.

How Do You Fix a Leak in Your Hot Tub?

First, locate the source to cure an inflatable hot tub leak. Use a liquid fix-a-leak product for leaks less than 1/8 inch. The rubber joints or cracked PVC pipes must be replaced.

There can be split little fractures in the acrylic shell and waterproof epoxy can be employed in spots that are unspeakable.

How Do You Store Your Inflatable Hot Tub For Winter?

If you live in reasonably mild winters, it will not be a problem to keep the inflatable hot tub in the winter months.

However, if the temperature begins to plunge into freezing, things get a bit more challenging. You just need to do some steps to store your inflatable hot tub.

  • Choose a pleasant warm sunny day for a swimsuit.
  • Start with the filter case and motor unit disconnected, clean them out, and dry them completely.
  • Do a cleaning of the hot tub liner with warm water and washing or fluid or fluid hand sop before deflating it.
  • You need to rinse the hot tub with clean water and dry it thoroughly in old towels until it is dry in the sun.
  • Now, you should deflate the hot tub.
  • Sprinkle the hot tub with talcum powder and plug in the inflating cup.
  • Store in an airtight bag in a dry environment with excellent ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you put an inflatable hot tub inside?

Yes, indoor inflatable hot tubs can be used. You have to select the area inside your home to make sure the flooring and ventilation are right, as well as a few extra safety precautions.

Do inflatable hot tubs lose air?

A leaky inflation valve is likely to be a major cause of layer Z-Spa air escaping.

What does E90 mean on Intex hot tubs?

If the E90 alarm code is shown on the control panel, it signifies that no water flows into the system. You should check that the filter cartridge is clean and placed properly.

How do you clean an inflatable hot tub?

The inside, once drained, can be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge with some warm mildly soapy water or a specialized spray like this. It’s ideal to do it when it’s still bloated so you can easily reach the inside.

How do you deflate a lazy spa with a pump?

You can configure this to deflate the liner drawing out the air from the inflatable hot tub using the pump. See the connector where the inflating pad is inserted. Twist the outer/serrated ring in the clockwise direction, which will unwind and then swiftly deflate your spa.

Why does my hot tub keep deflating?

For either one of two reasons, an inflatable hot tub may deflate — the air valve is loose, or the spa is ripped or pierced. If the hot tub is freshly installed and it does not deflate, check whether the air valve leaks using soapy water on the valve.

Final Words

The purification and maintenance of your Intex hot tub should not be a lengthy task if you have the correct tools and equipment.

We hope you find this guide for deflating an Intex hot tub useful. Please refer to the product manual of your Intex hot tub for more particular instructions if some instructions may feel different in your hot tub model.

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