How To Hang Shower Curtain From Ceiling in 4 Steps

A shower curtain can be hung in a variety of ways. Consider how your shower curtain will go in with the rest of your bathroom’s decor before making a final decision.

The shower curtain hanging from the ceiling is a simple task that can be completed in less than an hour. Working in an unusual space can necessitate a few adjustments to the guidelines.

We’ve done the research and come up with a variety of ways about how to hang shower curtain from ceiling.

How To Hang Shower Curtain From Ceiling

The Accessories That You Will Need

  • Ceiling mount brackets
  • Curtain glides
  • Screws for mounting mount brackets
  • Drywall anchors

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Steps For Hanging Shower Curtain From Ceiling

Step 1: Measure and Mark the Space and Height

Measuring is the first step to hanging the shower curtain from the ceiling. Be sure to check the measurements because they can differ from the typical 72″ x 72″ size of the curtain.

Shower curtain liners should be the same size as your curtain, so make sure to take these measurements as well.

Next, determine how much room there is all around your bathtub. Curtain rod length should be determined by determining how much space there is between two walls where it will hang.

Finally, measure the ceiling’s height. A shower curtain rod should be positioned 4-8 inches higher than the length of the shower curtain, which is 75-80 inches from the tub bottom.

A shower curtain rod should be at least two feet long on both sides. Measure this distance and note a point where you’ll install it on your wall.

Step 2: Hang Mounted or Tension Curtain Rod

You can begin hanging the curtain rod by following the marks you made. Place the screws for screw-mounted rods at an identical distance from each shower wall on both sides of the tub base.

The rod should be aligned with the shower base. Use a tension bar and lift it until it touches the wall marks you created with it on both sides.

Afterward, raise the tension until the rod can stand up on its own. Make minor changes to the rod’s position with a level, and then raise the tension to wedge it in place.

Make sure that the location of the rod does not impede the use of any existing bathroom fittings, such as towel racks or grab bars.

Step 3: Attach Curtain Rings

When you’re ready to hang your shower curtain, lay a shower curtain liner on a level surface with the outward-facing side facing up.

Shower rings can be looped through each hole in your curtain and liner at the top of each piece. Don’t shut the rings completely just yet, as you’ll need them open for hanging on the rod in the next step.

Make sure the shower rings match your bathroom fixtures or are in a color that complements the shower curtain.

When hanging a curtain with hooks instead of rings, begin by attaching the curtain rod to the hooks.

Then, loop the shower curtains holes over the hooks, making sure that the finished side of the curtain is facing out.

Finally, loop the liner’s holes over the hooks and smooth the shower curtain’s surface to finish the process.

Step 4: Hang the Curtain and Liner

You need to make sure your shower curtain and liner are up first so that you can easily slip each of these rings over the shower rod as you go along.

Make sure they’re firmly in place before you begin. Start by affixing the curtain’s ends first, so that you can maintain it in position while working.

If you want a shiny finish, turn the rings so that the apertures are facing inwards. Use a sponge to scrub the curtain and its liner.

Finally, a bath mat is needed to absorb water and protect the floor. As the last step, stock up on the things you love to use in the bathroom to help you unwind.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How high should you hang the shower curtain from the floor?

You should hang a typical shower curtain that is 72 inches wide by 72 inches long 75 to 80 inches above the floor.

To avoid flooding, the bottom of the curtain should dangle at least 5-6 inches below the tub’s edge, and several inches above the floor to keep dirt out.

Curtains brushing the floor is an aesthetic choice for some. Hang the curtain rod 72 inches off the floor if this is what you like.

How you can protect your shower curtain from blowing in?

This might be aggravating if your shower curtain or liner is stuck to you due to high air pressure in the shower. For those who don’t want their shower curtain to blow in, several shower curtain liners come with magnets or weighted bottoms.

It is possible to affix magnets to the bottom of your liner if it doesn’t already have them.

Bottom Line

A shower curtain can be hung in a variety of ways, as we’ve shown in this article. Installing curtains is a cinch after you’ve got your curtain track in place.

Hooks on a curtain rod are undoubtedly one option, but they aren’t the only one. Consider both practicality and aesthetics when choosing a shower curtain for your bathroom.

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