How To Keep Water In Bathtub Without Stopper?

If your bathtub stopper is broken or you just moved and forgot to pick one up because your bathtub drain does not have one, you still need to find a solution to stop the water from draining down the drain hole.

You may learn how to keep water in a bathtub without stopper or a plug by using these brilliant DIY bathtub stopper ideas, whether as a temporary or permanent solution. Keep reading to know how to block a bathtub drain without a plug.

How To Block a Bathtub Drain Without a Plug

If you need to know how to block a bathtub drain without a plug, these solutions may be useful. A more systematic approach may yield better outcomes.

Step 1: Use a Washcloth

Bathtub stoppers made using this method are always a hit. Using a washcloth, just cover the drain hole.

Do your best to cram it as tightly as possible into the bathtub drain. Almost all of the water will be prevented from draining with this solution in place.

Step 2: Use a Coffee Pod

Those little coffee pods are about the size of a water drain. If your tub drain stopper isn’t working, investigate if a coffee pod will fit. Make sure you’re using an empty one, and then just place it in your drain hole.

Step 3: Grab the Plunger

Using a new plunger is the best option if you can find one. Unless you have something else that will work, sanitize your plunger before using it.

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Step 4: Wrap with Plastic Tape

The usage of plastic and adhesive is another excellent option for homes with bathtub drains that lack an indentation. Using waterproof duct tape, tape the drain hole shut with a square of plastic.

Step 5: Fill the Plastic Bag with Water

Ziploc bags work well for this, but you may also use elastic bands to fasten open bags. A tub drain stopper-like bag should be placed in the same place. If you’ve just discovered that your drain stopper isn’t working, they are a great short-term remedy.

Step 6: Upside Down the Coffee Cup

The plastic or paper single-serve cup works best for this method. Glass coffee mugs aren’t what I’m getting at.

Plastic is a good choice because it is more pliable than other materials. It’s as simple as flipping it over and putting it down your drain if you have one small enough.

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What Can You Use to Plug a Bathtub Drain?

You may have a question about what to use as a bath stopper. Here are the alternatives.

Flat Jar Lid

As far as bathing accessories go, jar lids, particularly those of jam jars, are ideal. That’s because they’re exactly the right size to fit down the drains.

If the plastic lid isn’t flat, cut the rim surrounding the cover off. In this manner, the lid will fit snugly over any hole, regardless of its size.

Plastic Bag

Put water in a plastic bag, seal it, and use it as a temporary plug for your bathtub. As long as the bag is the correct size to fit snugly into the drain, it’s fine. As soon as the bag is too small, it will become caught in the drain.

Waterproof Duck Tape

It’s also possible to wrap over the tub’s drainage opening with water-resistant duct tape. Duct tape the hole shut with several layers and a lot of force.

Plumbing Putty

If the pop-up drain gasket is damaged, you can repair it with a plumber’s putty. It is a temporary remedy, but this prevents the drain from leaking and closes it to prevent water from dripping out of the tub.

Sink Plunger

You can use a toilet or sink plunger to unclog the bathtub drain if you have one laying around. Place it over the tub’s drain hole after cleaning the rubber end with soap and water. Seal it by pressing it down firmly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep the water down in my tub?

The first step is how to plug bathtub drain to identify the root cause. Drain stoppers are often the cause of a bathtub that won’t fill with water. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can also be used to clear a blocked bathtub.

Will a toilet plunger work on a tub?

While a conventional cup-style bath tub plug will work to unclog a clogged bathtub drain, you must first seal the overflow hole.

There are two drains in a tub: the one at the bottom of the tub that you close to filling with water, and the one at the top of the tub that you open to empty it.

Can plunging make a clog worse?

When used appropriately, plungers can be used to unblock clogged drains or toilets. Make certain that the drain is completely sealed before plunging, and take your time while doing so. Attempting to seal a seam too rapidly or with too much power can result in a less-than-effective seal.

How do you snake a shower drain without a snake?

You need to combine 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda in order to make the solution.

The first step is to flush the drain with boiling water, followed by the baking soda vinegar mixture and a 15-minute wait. Then repeat the procedure with more hot water.

Final Words

It takes a little imagination to stop a bathtub drain from running without a plug. However, it is simple enough for anyone to perform.

Finding materials that can appropriately cover the drainage hole is all that’s needed to know about how to keep water in bathtub without stopper.

Not being able to fill up your bathtub with water can be a major pain in the rear. To unwind after a long day, there’s nothing wrong with following these suggestions for making the most of your evening soak.

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