How To Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower : 7 Easy Steps

Using a suction cup in the shower is a simple and convenient way to hang a variety of items.

When renting an apartment, you may not have the ability to drill holes in the tiles for a shower caddy or shower head holder.

However, the suction cup generally slides or falls, which is a frustrating problem. You should follow the steps to know how to make suction cups stick in the shower.

How to Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower

How Do Suction Cups Work?

With a suction cup, there is a lower pressure inside the cup and a higher one outside. For a suction cup to work, it needs to have a large enough gap between the air pressure within and outside of it, as well as a large enough surface covered by the cup for it to be effective.

Why Does Suction Cups Use in Shower?

You don’t have to drill holes in your tiles if you use suction cups for bathroom equipment.

To avoid compromising your bathroom’s appearance, it is best to avoid drilling holes in your tile. With practice, it becomes clear that a suction cup is an ideal replacement for screws and nuts.

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Best Surface for Suction Cups

A smooth, non-porous surface like tile, glass, fiberglass, or metal works best for suction cup adhesion.

Before attaching the suction cups for rough surfaces, make sure the surface is clean and clear of soap film.

How to Make Suction Cups Stick in Shower

Choose a Suitable Surface

Firstly, you need to remove the suction cup you intend to use again. Take care not to yank on the suction cup with your free hand too hard. Then you need to find a suitable shower wall surface to where you want to stick it.

Clean the Surface and the Cup

Before using a suction cup, make sure the surface you’re attaching it on is completely clean. With a lint-free cloth, wipe down the surface you’ve selected to clean with your choice household cleaner, then thoroughly rinse and dry it.

Make sure your suction cup is cleaned as well as the surface where you intend to place it. Using warm water, wash the inside of the cup well, then shake out the excess water.

Follow the Water Method

To soften your suction cup, you can boil it in warm water. This will make your suction cup more durable.

Because of this, boiling the suction cup is recommended before using it again to hold something in place. It is possible to add a drop of water to the suction cup’s sticking point.

Make sure that there are no air pockets by adding a water droplet.

Apply Oil to Keep the Cups Stick to the Shower Wall

Using a minimum amount of cooking oil or even petroleum jelly over the mouth of the suction cup helps the cup stick to a surface.

To get a good grip, you should apply your selected substance to an area of the cup that sticks to another surface. To avoid losing suction force, use as little as feasible.

Remove Air Pockets by Pressing

Finally, you must press the suction cup to ensure that there are no air pockets in the middle of the suction cup and the surface of the object.

To keep the suction cup in place until you remove it, you must remove all the air pockets from the surface before putting it back in place.

Use Tape on the Surface

Next, you need to put the tape or suction cup glue on the surface for ensuring that the tape would prevent the suction cup from falling out.

Try New Suction Cups

Now, you can try new suction cups at different spaces of the shower wall following the same process.


So, make sure that you follow the steps accordingly. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the cup hold strong up to the mark.

However, to ensure the fullest use of the suction cups, you need to know more about them.

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How to Make Your Suction Cup Sticks Longer?

Using a suction cup on a tiled shower wall has never been easier. On a shower caddy with three suction cups, it kept slipping off after a few days.

The biggest issue was that the tiles weren’t precisely smooth. A silicone is all that is needed to improve the suction of the suction cups on the tiled shower wall.

There are several ways to aid improve suction and maintain the seal tight, including dabbing some Vaseline or cooking oil on the cup’s rim or lightly moistening the inner suction cup rim with water. The petroleum jelly suction cup helps to seal the gap.

How to make a suction cup stick on a tile?

Water and a home cleaner of your choice should be used to thoroughly clean the tile. Using a dry cloth or sponge, remove any remaining water from the surface.

Each suction cup should be pressed firmly on the wall with a significant amount of force. The suction cups can also be lubricated with a little amount of petroleum jelly or even cooking oil before being pressed into place.

How to Make Suction Cups Stick to Cold Glass?

Before applying the suction cups, you must clean and dry both the suction cups and the cold glass.

Suction can be improved by applying a small amount of Vaseline or cooking oil to the cup’s rim or by drenching your fingertip in water and lightly moistening its inside rim with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you make suction cups stick forever?

You should stick your suction cup in the daytime if the weather is warm enough.
Apply a small amount of skin or cooking oil to the suction cup. Your suction cup will stay in place better when you use an oil-based sealant rather than water because oil doesn’t evaporate.

How to remove the suction cup?

Using just a small bit of the dish soap or detergent, you selected out on the suction cups can help loosen them. To remove the suction cup, slide a butter knife under the suction cup and lift it off the glass.

Why do suction cups stop working?

The suction cup’s air leaking causes it to stop operating. Due to the cold weather, the cup is prone to dislodge.

How much weight do suction cups hold?

An ABS plastic suction cup that lasts for years and can hold up to a maximum load of 20 pounds is available.

Final Words

The most difficult part of installing a suction cup in a shower is getting it to stick. Even so, it is not certainty. Using a suction cup in the shower is a breeze.

The only thing you’ll need to do is to boil the suction cup. The boiling will soften and flexible the material. After you’ve boiled it, glue it to the wall of your shower and enjoy its steadfastness.

Make certain that there aren’t any air bubbles in there. Follow these instructions, and a suction cup will attach to any surface like magic. Once you have a clean surface and cup, everything else falls into place.

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