How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Delta Shower Head? [Step By Step]

The Delta model is a type of shower head with removable flow restrictors. This water conservation technology conserves 2.6 gallons of water every minute and saves you money.

To ensure that the showerheads’ flow doesn’t surpass 2.5 gallons per minute, the water flow restrictor has a job.

Showers can represent a big amount of a household’s water volume, and this helps to control water usage.

Your water bill will be lower with this limit, while also helping to preserve water throughout the country. This flow restrictor is present in all shower heads; However, homeowners can take it out if they so desire.

You want to remove the flow restrictor from a delta faucet from the bathroom fixture to have a  powerful shower fitting. Have a look at this guide to know more about how to remove the flow restrictor from the delta shower head.

Does a Delta Shower Head Have Flow Restrictors?

Delta shower heads are designed with a water flow restrictor that’s incorporated into the fixture and can be removed for extra flow. If you wish to boost shower pressure, you must get rid of the restrictor from the shower head.

How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Delta Shower Head

When Do You Need To Remove The Flow Restrictor From The Delta Shower Head?

Removing the restrictor does not have to be the homeowner’s responsibility.

However, if the residence has low water pressure, removing the restrictor may make the shower a drizzle rather than a strong spray. Even if the low water pressure is due to accumulation in the pipe, the restriction has to be removed.

If your water flow restrictor is attached to another system, be sure to check your model to determine if your restrictor is used by your other system. The shower head owner may choose to remove it if it is just a small part of the entire shower head, thus increasing flow and pressure.

Tools You’ll Need To Remove Flow Restrictor From Shower head:

  • Plumbers tape
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Paper clip
  • Brush
  • Towel

What Are The Steps For Removing Flow Restrictor From Delta Shower Head?

What Are The Steps For Removing Flow Restrictor From Delta Shower Head

It’s an easy approach to eliminate the water flow restrictor from your shower head. If you have basic plumbing tools at home, it is possible to accomplish the task yourself. This job should take not more than 15 minutes to do.

Step: 1

At first, use a fiber cloth to wrap the pipe or connector. It is also possible to utilize the cloth to complete this task. It keeps your pipe from getting tool marks by using this rag.

Step: 2

Be sure to double-check the shower head connection. If you are using a nut or any other type of protection, remove it before you go any further.

You will find several Delta shower heads that have shower screens mounted to them. Remove this feature of your model if your model also has one.

Step: 3

Once you’ve disconnected the shower head from the shower panel, pull it from the wall. It could be hard to extract the shower head without an adjustable wrench.

Finally, you should use an additional wrench to hold the cloth in place, and you should put a water bowl under the shower head.

Step: 4

Look inside your shower head now. Although it’s extremely unlikely, thus, difficult to observe most of the time.

To complete the process, you must locate the ring. If you cannot find it, it is time to utilize the paperclip.

Step: 5

In this step, the only option is to remove the O-ring, and if no brighter components are found, find another component that inhibits the water flow.

Next, use the paper clip to hold the restrictor in place, and then twist it. Removing the water flow restrictor from delta shower head will enable the flow of that substance. A needle-nose plier is an excellent tool for this operation.

Step: 6

It’s a good idea to clean the shower head if you have an older model. When you clean your shower, you will boost the pressure and improve the quality of your shower. You can skip this step.

Step: 7

Now, you should remove the old Teflon tape from the hoses, and wrap a new one around the hoses. It keeps the shower head in place, helping prevent slipping and wobbling.

Step: 8

The shower head needs to be re-seated with the O-ring in. It can be inserted by placing your thumb on it. Keep an eye on your adjustment; if it appears to fit into place, slide it back firmly into position.

Step: 9

Remove the shower screen and replace it on the shower head.

Step: 10

Convert the Delta in the counterclockwise direction. Use the adjustable wrench only if you’re unable to do it manually. Don’t overuse the wrench.

To fix the shower head, add more pressure than is required. Finally, tighten the head with a channel wrench.

Step: 11

When you’ve completed your adventure of unclogging the Delta showerhead’s flow restrictor, make sure all of your water-consuming equipment is turned off before testing the water flow.

Once you’ve verified that the main shutoff valve is working, you should examine the main valve to see if it is running at full speed.

Step: 12

Next, increase the pressure of water to maximum. The restrictor valve should not be removed. If you would want to have this, but do not want to purchase another, you can use this instead.

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How to Adjust the Water Pressure on the Delta Shower Head?

How to Adjust the Water Pressure on the Delta Shower Head

Determining the water pressure level for a Delta showerhead depends on the actual water pressure at the fixture, therefore a dial or button may be used to modify the water pressure to meet personal preferences.

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To boost the overall pressure of water, either through your plumbing line or through the showerhead, you can boost the water pressure in the showerhead.

Best of all, you may regulate the water pressure on your own, and this will improve the function of all kinds of faucets and sprinklers.

How to Adjust Head Settings

Delta showerheads are fantastic because they’re able to be changed for different water pressure levels, no matter what the water pressure issues may be. For adjusting the head setting follow these steps.

Step 1: A knob on the side or top of your delta showerhead might be what you are looking for. To modify the pressure on delta shower head types such as Delta Touch-Clean, simply turn the knob.

Step 2: Turning the knob clockwise to reduce the water flow pressure.

Step 3: Turning the knob in a counterclockwise direction will increase the water flow pressure.

How You Can Adjust The Overall Pressure on the Delta Shower Head?

Step 1: You should start by locating the water pressure regulator. You can discover it in your utility closet or the basement, in a little area located just underneath your main water supply.

Step 2: If you have found the nut, proceed in a counterclockwise manner to loosen it entirely. For this stage, an adjustable wrench is beneficial, but it needs to be turned at least three times.

Step 3: There is an adjustment screw on the top of the valve that has to be adjusted. Increasing the water pressure from your water’s mainline will make the whole system more functional.

This can also happen when you see strong performances delivered in the two aspects of plumbing and showering.

Step 4: Now tighten the regulator’s nut once the parameters have been adjusted.

You may find the full guide in this video as well.

Final Words

A water flow restrictor in the shower head helps to save water, as well as money, for your water utility bill. Despite, its overall financial savings, lower water pressure in your shower may occur.

To ensure the flow is enough for your shower head, the flow restrictor should be removed.

I have tried to explain to you the full guidance on how to remove water flow restrictor from a delta shower head in this guide, no matter what kind of flow restrictor you have in your delta shower head.

Is it enough for you to complete your task? Let me know in the comment box if you remove flow restrictor properly.

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