How To Replace Skylight In My RV Shower [Step By Step]

RV Skylights are excellent for improving the quality of light in an RV since they also supply natural light where lighting or sources of light may be unavailable. However, appropriate care and maintenance of RV skylights are very vital.

When it comes to RV showers, skylights can be found in every showering location, including the toilet. Most typical RV showers have lighting, but the RV shower skylight replacement allows you to enjoy more natural light.

Water conservation in RVs is nicer in natural light, so conserving water in an RV may be fun.

If you enjoy dark and frigid RV days, RV skylights will help you make the most of the sunlight by enhancing the natural light in your RV.

Camper owners should still follow proper care and maintenance procedures to replace RV skylights. Let’s have a look below to know how to replace the skylight in your RV shower.

How To Replace Skylight In My RV Shower

Everything You Need to Know About an RV Skylight

When it is otherwise dark and chilly, having an RV skylight will greatly increase the amount of natural light in your RV. Because every model of RV benefits from having an RV skylight, it is still important to take good care of the unit and maintain it well.

Here are a few criteria that you may need to know about RV skylight.

RV Skylight Covers

The RV shower dome cover is on the roof, blocking off the inside of your RV from the outside. A broad variety of sizes, shapes, and colors are available for you to choose an RV skylight cover that suits your specific camper.

RV Skylight Dome

The RV shower skylight dome is the most prevalent skylight style, featuring a curved top and a square or rectangular base. This design assists water runoff, while also looking beautiful on any camper, regardless of its age or construction type.

RV Shower Skylights

Most RVs come with a skylight already, in which case it’s likely a shower skylight. This design on RV bathroom skylight models provides good cross shading when bathing outdoors, while also ensuring your privacy.

In addition, the additional sunlight helps to minimize mold or moisture buildup in this area.

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What Causes the Skylight to Wear Out?

Normal wear and tear occur because of the item’s use. The bathroom has a perpetually damp and moist environment.

Water can cause the seal around a skylight to weaken. To avoid losing the skylight, it is always vital to take appropriate care of it.

Checking and resealing your construction often is highly suggested. This part includes two different components, necessitating separate care and maintenance.

Can You Add a Skylight to an RV?

RV skylights are an excellent method to bring natural light into a small or dark space. You could remedy this problem with a skylight, too.

While a skylight is already installed, it may be damaged or foggy, reducing the amount of light reaching the space. This necessitates replacing the RV skylight. It’s considerably easy in this instance.

Tips That You Have to Notice When Replacing the Skylight

  • Most RVs include a dual-section skylight, which consists of an inner skylight liner and dome. As a result, they require specialized attention and care.
  • You should be careful to keep the interior liner in good condition to avoid mildew, as the water vapor produced by steam is responsible for this problem. Therefore, you must periodically check the interior for any tears or damage.
  • If the screw holes in the internal liner are showing signs of cracking, then you should replace the frame. In addition, you must maintain and repair the frame regularly.
  • Checking the skylight dome is required for you every year because it is on the roof. The roof of your RV skylight should be checked for bending, wear and tear, as well as any bubbles that occur in hot weather.
  • Be careful to inspect the sealant surrounding the skylight dome. RV users should seal the borders of the skylight dome on occasion, depending on the conditions.
  • Don’t expose the sealant to severe temperatures, because it will wear out more quickly.

What is the Procedure for Replacing the RV Shower Skylight? (Step by Step)

Once you’ve made your choice, you can go through these steps for doing RV bathroom skylight replacement on your old skylight.

Step: 1

For the installation of a new skylight, you need to get the sealant ready. You should study the instructions attentively to find out which sealant the manufacturer recommends for your RV skylight dome replacement.

Step: 2

Now, you have to make sure not to break down your RV’s roof while removing old sealant. Scrape off the sealant, and then locate the screws that were originally attached to the original skylight dome.

Step: 3

After replacing the original screws, be sure to remove and replace them. To remove broken or rusted screws, it is important to have access to the original screws. If you leave them how they are, you can reuse the screws.

Step: 4

To get to the RV shower skylight, you need to use a knife to pry the roof and the dome apart. Before you remove your dome off, you mustn’t shatter your roof.

Step: 5

You must continue to use a knife to scrape away the remaining sealant after removing the dome. To remove as much sealant as possible, you can use old rad or mineral spirits.

Step: 6

Reapply the sealant that came with the product and fill in all the original screw holes. In the event the new skylight has different screw placements, we can conceal the existing holes. At the same time, creating new gaps is effortless.

Step: 7

After applying the sealant bead to the screw holes, you have finished the process. Next, you have to replace the skylight dome with a new one. The best way to spread out the sealant and form a bond between an RV roof skylight and the skylight is to wriggle the new dome.

Step: 8

You don’t need to worry about the new screw holes not matching the old ones because it’s all good. You can use self-tapping screws to reach the roof by drilling new holes in the work surface. Continue to tighten the screws until the plastic is starting to warp.

Step: 9

Then apply a bead of sealant around the new skylight dome’s edge to help prevent moisture from entering. Water can’t penetrate RVs’ showers with this barrier in place.

Step: 10

Once you have successfully installed your new replacement RV skylights, use sealant to cover the heads of screws.

Step: 11

Once the remaining places have dried, apply the sealant to all positions. After a few hours, you should inspect the dome of the new skylight to make sure there are no problems.

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How Do You Cover an RV Shower Skylight?

Paint the Skylight

Trying to paint a skylight should not be done lightly. Paint the skylight a darker color, and it becomes very impossible or difficult to remove the paint.

Some RV skylights have been painted their skylight with a white EPDM roof coating. Paint only part of the skylight using a stencil; however, it can be difficult to see the design of the camper in the middle.

Use a Curtain

Getting spray paint made for plastic is a good idea if you wish to utilize it. Even when dried, this unique spray paint retains some flexibility.

For a light-colored shower curtain, get a shower curtain rod and hang a dark shower curtain on it. As high as possible above the ceiling, position the shower pole here. This could be a nice method for shading vent work while preserving its integrity.

How Do You Fix a Cracked RV Skylight?

The RV Skylight is made up of two separate sections. The inside unit incorporates both decorative elements and light diffusers. I found the RV shower skylight leaking at the base of the skylight going up to the edge of the skylight, with cracks in between the cracks.

I stopped the water leak before it could do any harm, and cleaned the area several times with 100% bleach and a scrubbing pad that had a natural acidifier in it.

I did this on top of the RV and inside the RV using a Self-Leveling Compound. This brought some relief because we could at least keep the cracked parts under control until a more permanent replacement RV Skylight was implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to replace an RV roof?

The average cost of an RV roof replacement is approximately $300 per linear foot. It would cost between $7,000 and $15,000 to repair the roof of your RV if your RV is long.

How do I block out the sun in my RV?

To prevent the heat from your RV’s sunny hot side from getting into your windows, get a roll of double-sided insulation, cut it to fit your windows, and tape it in place. These insulating rolls can be found on Amazon.

Final Words

A skylight can enrich your exploration of nature. Because they allow natural light in, they can also assist cut your energy use while increasing your outdoor visibility.

The information in this article should enable you to replace the RV skylight if you follow it carefully.

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