7 Steps on How To Install a Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Inspired by the falling rain, the rain shower head provides a mild spray of water. It’s more fun and enjoyable for your bath time.

When installing a ceiling rain shower head to the existing shower, choices like a ceiling mount against a conventional wall-mounted model can be confused.

If you are going to make a change from a wall-mounted shower head to a ceiling mount showerhead, some things must be taken into account.

If you want the real rainfall experience, install a wall-mounted rain shower head. It consists of removing the wall, part of the ceiling, and connecting the new tube.

If you haven’t done a large plumbing project before, see a professional plumber before you go ahead.

I have tried my best to put together steps about how to install a ceiling rain shower head in this article.

How To Install a Ceiling Mounted Rain Showerhead

What is a Ceiling-mounted Rain Shower Head?

When it comes to the typical wall-mounted shower head, you have the option of adjusting your body to get the best showering results.

However with a direct ceiling-mounted shower head; you’re getting a wide water-covering perimeter that will rain down on you with a gentler angle.

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Ceiling-mounted shower heads come in different styles in durable plastic and chrome. Brushed nickel, polished chromium, brass, chromium, bronze, and gold are included in the finishing.

Depending on the style you choose, you will have options such as spray diameter, water supply numbers, and water pressure, regular or pulsating sprays.

Benefits of a Ceiling Mount Shower Head

The Shower Head Can Install Directly

Installing a rain shower head to an existing shower will provide you various advantages. The showerhead is built into one design or attaches to the ceiling.

There is no way to adjust the direction of the water in this style except in a downward movement.

Base & Extension Shower Arm

The other style of shower head has a base mounted directly on top of the ceiling, but this type of shower head also an extending shower arm that can be used to adjust the direction of the showerhead to your preferences.

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Rinse & Spray Capabilities

One of the most popular advantages of ceiling-mounted showers is the excellent ability to spray and rinse.

The water pressure can also be excessive with standard wall mount shower heads when it peels the body, while a ceiling mount is more soothing.

Larger Headroom

Another advantage of a ceiling mount is a greater headroom for tall persons. The height of the shower head to the wall is limited with a wall mount.

Things Need To Do Before Installing Ceiling Mounted Shower Head

Collect The Necessary Tools

At first, you need to collect all the vital instruments. When you buy, you should check that all the metals and installation tools are accessible and have great fittings.

Make The Waterproof Conjunction

With your hands and overall cleaning, you can fix and prove pleasant shower heads and their connectors. Drive the glove strap on the areola while screwing to make the club waterproof.

Assemble The Shower Head and Rosette

You should place the protection over the areola and close it against the ceiling since it is used to cover a gap between the entry funnel or the control valve and the entire periphery of the device.

How High Should You Install a Rain Shower Head?

Are you thinking about how high should a ceiling rain shower head be installed?

This is a major concern of this work to install a rain shower head in the ceiling by maintaining accurate height. You must consider the height of all the individuals that use the shower room.

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However, I would suggest a length between 84 and 85 inches from the ground. This will be the best height for all the family members, whether small or large.

How Far Should it be From the Ceiling?

When the ceiling is too close, it will probably sprinkle some water on it and cause damage.

I would suggest a head distance from the wall and ceiling rain shower between three and four inches to avoid and extend the life of your roof.

Steps of Installing Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Heads

Things Need To Do Before Installing Ceiling Mounted Shower Head

Here I have mentioned the processes to install a rain shower head.

Step 1: Replace Old Shower Head

You must use the Adjustable Wrench or Pliers, though it might have been on there for a while. When wrapping a cloth around a fitting, you must use the adjustable wrench to hold on to it.

Step 2: Clean Shower Head and Remove old Thread Seal Tape

After you’ve removed the head, check for debris and old Teflon tape to the existing shower wall mounted rain shower. If you locate something, remove it and clean it well.

A microfiber cloth is best used when cleaning the thread because it eliminates Teflon tape flawlessly and works well for little grains.

Step 3: Wrap Thread Seal Tape

Now, you have to apply the thread-seal tape clockwise from the base of the shower arm to make sure it doesn’t unwind when the shower head is screwed to the shower arm.

You should wrap the thread seal tightly three to four times up to the top of the Shower Arm. Press the thread seal tape to make sure it sticks correctly to the shower arm.

Step 4: Fix Rubber Washer

You may need to make sure the Rubber Washer is inside the Rain Shower Head threaded region. This tool helps to make the shower head waterproof and secure. Make sure you put it correctly before you install it.

Step 5: Tighten The Rain Shower Head

Then connect the shower head again and tighten it with your hands. To make things easier for you, you can use a chair or a ladder. 

Step 6: Apply Adjustable Wrench for Extra Tightening

You need to use the adjustable wrench to tighten the shower very well. However, make sure you wrap threads in a terry towel so that when you tighten the shower head, it does not damage the finish.

Step 7: Check For Leaks

If it leaks, repeat with tape and tighten with a wrench.

Infographic on How To Install a Ceiling Mount Rain Shower Head

Infographic on How To Install a Ceiling Mounted Rain Showerhead

Bottom Line

With all of the above, you’ve got a lot of ideas about the rain shower and its installation method. Whether you want to add a ceiling rain shower head to the existing shower, then follow these above-mentioned processes and instructions

Before installing a new shower head, remove the old shower heads carefully, and then measure carefully to make sure that you buy the right door size.

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