How To Remove Broan Bathroom Fan Light Cover? [Step By Step]

Excited to know how to remove Broan bathroom fan light cover? The frustration of being unable to remove a bathroom fan light cover is nothing short of excruciating.

Replace the bulb is the most common cause for removing a NuTone lamp cover.

It is also possible that you simply want to wipe the lamp cover to allow more light to pass through.

A Broan bathroom exhaust fan may easily be installed in your bathroom. It’s difficult to remove the fan’s light cover to change the bulb.

To remove the Broan bathroom exhaust fan’s light cover, you’ll need to know what to do; if you don’t, the fan could be ruined during the process.

A bath fan light cover might be tough to remove if you don’t follow the proper steps. I’ll explain how to remove Broan bathroom fan light cover in this guide.

How To Remove Broan Bathroom Fan Light Cover

What are the Methods of Removing Broan Bathroom Fan Light Cover?

Bathroom exhaust fans manufactured by Broan NuTone are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

The light cover can be removed differently on these models. Regardless of the model of the NuTone bathroom fan you have, we will go through how to remove the light cover in this article.

Make sure you know your model number and then follow these instructions to remove the light cover from your phone’s backlighting. You need to maintain all safety measures by shutting off the bathroom’s electricity.

Don’t freak out if you don’t see the Broan NuTone exhaust heat fan model you have here. Now I am explaining to you two methods about how to remove Broan bathroom fan light cover.

The NuTone bathroom fan’s light cover can be removed in one of two ways: either one of the following:

Method 1: If the Grille & Light Cover are One Piece

With this model, the grille and light cover must be removed at the same time to access the bulbs. The grill must be removed before the lamp cover can be detached.

To remove the grille and lamp cover assembly, just pull down on the grill and squeeze on the metal mounting springs.

By first releasing a spring clip underneath and then squeezing it, you will be able to lift out the lampshade.

When you squeeze the mounting spring together, it will come out of its groove, allowing you to remove the grille and light cover from the grille.

Method 2: Disposal Light Covers

Other models, such as the 696 and HD80L, have a light cover that can be removed without removing the grille.

In these models, releasing the plastic tabs on the side is as simple as squeezing the light cover’s sides together. You’ll be able to remove the light cover after the tab has been released from the slot.

You may remove the central light cover by simply pushing the sides together, loosening the tabs. You can then remove the complete lamp cover by pulling out one side tab that has been removed from the slot.

Why You Should Remove Broan Bathroom Fan Light Cover?

The Broan NuTone bathroom exhaust fan cover can be removed for a variety of reasons.

  • For cleaning the fan: The fan needs to be cleaned regularly. You may need to clean the fan after operating it for a while, and the first step is to remove the light cover to do so.
  • For replacing the fan’s reflector: You can see the lightbulb inside this reflective metal casing. A worn-out or non-functioning reflector must be replaced immediately. A new, sparkly one is for you to be happy with your current one.
  • For replacing the light cover: As they get older, bathroom light covers begin to lose their shine. Replacing the worn-out components may be an option when that time arrives.

Because of this, when they get older, the light cover might no longer hold up. Remove it and install a new one are the only options left.

  • For removing the fan from the ceiling: If you’re going to replace your ceiling fan and need to take the old one down, you might as well take out the light cover first.

Frequntly Asked Question

How do I remove a vent fan cover?

To remove the vent fan cover, gently pull it down until you can see the fan in its entirety. Then, pull the metal mounting wires out of their slots by squeezing them on one side.

How do you clean your bathroom exhaust fan?

Everything about it is simple and convenient. Gather the ingredients for a solution of water and soap. Two tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of warm water can also be used as a cleaning solution.

With the use of cotton cloth, you can clean the fan. Start by cleaning the fan wing and work your way up to other areas.

Why do your bathroom fans need cleaning?

The exhaust fans in your bathroom should be cleaned regularly. Your bathroom fan covers should be kept clean to minimize a buildup of dust. The time it takes to clean the bathroom fan cover is between 20 and 25 minutes. Before you begin, gather a few necessities and tools.

What causes your bathroom exhaust fan to stop working?

There are times when machinery of all kinds will suddenly fail. A fan is made comprised of an electric motor and a set of extremely sharp blades.

The bathroom exhaust fan may not be receiving enough power or the motor may have burned out, both of which can cause it to cease working. To find out why the fan stopped working, you might also check the circuit breaker or contact an electrician.

Bottom Line

To remove your Broan fan cover, there must be several reasons. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is for cleaning your electric appliances, it’s always a good idea.

Broan NuTone’s bathroom fans come in several shapes and sizes, so removing the light cover is a simple matter using any one of these methods. You may now be able to remove the NuTone bathroom light cover without too much difficulty.

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