Shower Only Has Hot Water? Here’s How To Fix It

Relaxing by taking a warm shower is the finest technique to get rid of tiredness. However, there are occasions when you require a cold shower and the shower only provides hot water.

A new experience like this can be a little frightening. Many people have similar problems, and you aren’t alone. For a variety of reasons, the shower may only provide hot water.

Water fitting systems vary widely among households. The lack of cold water in the shower might occur for several different causes.

However, showers may only have hot water due to a malfunctioning pressure-balancing valve on the supply.

In the shower, a device mixes hot and cold water. The shower will only have hot water if it doesn’t work properly. Follow this article if you want to find the solution to the problem your shower only has hot water.

Shower Only Has Hot Water

Why Your Shower Doesn’t Have Any Cold Water?

Looking for the causes of not getting any cold water? The first step is to figure out if the problem is exclusive to a single shower or affects all of them.

One possible explanation for no cold water running throughout the house is that a shut-off valve in the main water supply line was mistakenly closed.

To remedy this, you can just turn the valve back on and resume your normal showering routine.

Alternatively, if you find that other faucets in the house do have cold water, you will need either to repair the pressure-balancing valve yourself or hire a professional plumber to do it for you.

Why Pressure-balancing Valve Doesn’t Work Properly?

With pressure-balancing valves, the showerhead’s flow of hot and cold water can be precisely controlled. If the faucet is not turned on frequently, corrosion and mineral accumulation might cause the cartridge to fail.

Replacing the cartridge in a faucet valve isn’t difficult, but you have to disassemble the faucet to do so. Getting the old cartridge out is the most challenging element of this repair. If you’re not sure to handle this repair, it’s an excellent moment to call in a pro.

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What Tools Do You Need to Replace a Shower Cartridge? 

You’ll need to get a new shower cartridge from your local hardware store before you start removing and installing the old one. If you want a decent fit, you must pick the proper style.

The old cartridge should be brought with you to the store so that you can find the right replacement. For those who don’t already own one, a cartridge puller can be purchased at the same time.

There are a few things you’ll need for the replacement: a flat-head screwdriver and a cartridge puller as well as Allen and needle-nose wrenches and locking pliers.

What Are The Main Causes Why Your Shower Only Has Hot Water?

A variety of factors can result in merely hot water in the shower. The shutdown valve or the water-mixing valve may be behind the wall.

Shut-off Valve Defects

In most homes, the hot water supply is provided through several shutdown valves. A shutdown valve may have been tripped, preventing cold water from flowing to the shower and other areas of the house.

Water Mixing Valve Not Work Properly?

This valve is responsible for balancing hot and cold-water pressure in your shower. Now, if for any reason it’s unable to maintain the ratio, you will only get hot water or cold water.

It’s possible that even if the water heater is working, you may still only get cold water. Depending on the model, it may just have hot water.

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How To Fix The Only Hot Water Shower Problem?

To fix the problem of getting only hot water, you just need to follow the steps given below.

  • As a simple solution, you can just open the shut-off valve. As a result, you need to inspect each of the valves individually to see which one is obstructed. The shower should function normally once you turn on a valve that has been shut off. Coldwater is likely to return at some point.
  • To remedy a problem with the shower’s pressure-balancing valve or water mixing valve, you just need a few simple tools. There is no need to repair a water-mixing valve if it is not entirely damaged or is too old. To fix the mixing valve, simply replace the cartridge.
  • You’ll need a hacksaw to access the water mixing valve. The valve can be accessed through this method. The water-mixing valve should be checked for corrosion and other damage after you locate it. In addition, minerals can be kept in it. Check the cartridge and clean the valve. This is may not be working. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get a new one. It’ll function again if you use a high-quality water valve cartridge. You will need a screwdriver, an Allen wrench, and locking pliers to adjust the valve position. Be prepared for the task ahead of time by gathering your tools and getting organized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does hot and cold water not mix properly in my shower?

Have trouble keeping your water at a consistent temperature at home? If this happens, the hot and cold water in the shower won’t combine. In most cases, the problem seems from the mixing valve or the pressure valve. Your water will appear unmixed if the valve can’t keep the hot and cold supply at the right ratios.

How can I get cold water in summer?

The first step is to locate the shower’s water mixing valve or pressure-balancing valve. It’s found in every shower faucet, and you’ll need to cut the drywall to find it. A hacksaw can be used to cut through the sheetrock and locate the valve.

After that, you need to turn the water-mixing valve to the right and take a reading of the water temperature. The right side of the shower contains cold water; therefore turn the valve to the right. Upon completion, you will only receive cold water in the future.

Bottom Line

If you’ve read this article attentively, you won’t have to worry about the fact that your shower only has hot water instead of both hot and cold. Get the problem solved by following the instructions we’ve provided.

The shower valve will operate better if you use a high-quality cartridge. A professional plumber should be called if you are unable to resolve the problem yourself.

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