Why Do Women Like Hot Showers? [The Scientific Reason]

Are you searching for the answer to why do women like hot showers? If yes, then this article is for you.

The biological composition of the human body varies from male to woman. Men tend to have thick skin that does not allow heat to escape more quickly.

Women have light skin; on the other hand, they lose heat quickly, especially when it’s frigid. The temperatures of the male and female bodies are practically similar.

Studies have nonetheless revealed that women have a considerably higher tolerance than men for warm water do. Body temperatures are another scientific reason that makes women like a hot shower.

The female body tends to preserve heat by returning it to the organs. This heat must be maintained and used in cold weather.

They prefer taking a dip in the warm, bubbling water to warm up their bodies and shake off the cool, while men experience the same scalding.

Keep reading this content to know more about why do women like hot showers.

Why Do Women Like Hot Showers

Scientific Reason of Women’s Addiction for Hot Showers

Many scientists have given their opinion about why do women take hot showers. Let us see the reasons that are given by scientists.

Blood Circulation

Women have bigger blood arteries that bring blood nearer to the surface of the skin. Therefore, women stay cool, whereas men stay at the opposite temperature.

As a woman, you can handle warmer water more comfortably than your spouses can handle.

Body Temperature

Both men and women have a similar core body temperature: more than 37-Degree Celsius. In this regard, however, our most essential impression of the temperature depends primarily on the skin temperature.

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As the skin temperature of women tends to be colder, with warmer water they are more comfortable. According to a study, a women’s hand feels 3-degree Centigrade lower than a male individual does when exposed to a cold environment.


However, they take the shower many times to relieve the stress all day long. Spending a few days in a hot bath allows them to feel clean, wonderful and offers a fresh feminine look.

According to a Netherlands study, women are warmer at temperatures of 2.5-degree than men desire.

Cold Extremities

Women feel a little colder by nature. Since men usually have higher muscle mass than women, their rest metabolism is higher.

The body of a male is, therefore, more prone to consume more calories and increase blood flow. That’s why, women can handle hot showers, as hot showers raise body temp.

Time Duration

When the shower begins behind the shower curtains, the water temperature stays normal at first. The heat is gradually turned up. Her body adjusts systematically to the temperature and the body temperature after the shower remains stable.

When she leaves the shower, the water can feel hot and burning to anyone who does not.

Benefits of a Hot Shower

Benefits of a Hot Shower

Girls like hot showers because this bath has some essential benefits for them. Let’s see below.

Fights off Fever

Flu and cold commonly occur at low temperatures. You need a shower to give your body a very good pump for situations like this. The hot shower assists the body to become strong enough to battle colds.

Maintain Blood Sugar Level

According to a UK study, a hot-water bath for an hour can help a lot to reduce the levels of sugar. If you take a hot shower/sauna or drink in the bath in hot water, the body releases a chemical that lowers the blood sugar level.

Helps You to Fall Asleep 

This one is quite a popular one. People who have problems sleeping have an easier time taking a hot bath before going to bed. The warmth of the water helps to calm the body and prepares you for a nice night’s sleep.

Control Blood Pressure

Really, a hot shower also helps reduce blood pressure together with decreased blood sugar levels.

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However, if you have a pre-existing cardiac condition, you should see a doctor periodically before you take hot showers because that may improve your heartbeat to a certain degree.

Hot Water Bath Disadvantages

Even there are also some hot water bath disadvantages. Have a look at it below.

Skin Dries

You might want to avoid a hot shower if your skin is dry or sensitive.

A warm bath removes the skin’s natural oil. As dry skin is more sensitive and susceptible to infection, it can cause many harms and irreversible damage to your skin. So even if you have to take a hot shower, make it quick so that your skin has less of an effect.


It may not happen one day later, but slowly you’ll find some wrinkles around your face if you regularly take hot showers.

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When the warm shower removes all the nutrients and essential oils away from your body, it gets older and shows very early symptoms of wrinkles. Repeated usage of hot water can potentially in the future lead to skin breaking.

Rough Hair

Just as hot water is terrible for your skin than cold water, can damage your hair too. If the scalp becomes deprived of nutritious oils, it dries up and begins to feel itchy.

It destroys keratin cells as well and weakens the cuticles. As a result, the strands begin to fall and be irreversibly damaged.

Why do women get colder easily?

Women are susceptible to many hormonal changes. These modifications cause the body to react to the environment differently. The effects are significantly severe when a woman undergoes the monthly menstruation cycle.

All of this makes the female’s body cooler and faster. On the other hand, males are very steady, and hence they are not mainly impacted by hormonal shifts. That’s why men taking a bath smoothly in cold water comparing to women.

Why does it be important for women to take a hot shower?

There is a disparity between men and women showering. Men are muscular, whereas women are chubby. The difference between men and women showering is women tend to get colder faster than males.

The muscles generate heat quickly whereas the fats release heat when the condition permits.

To correct that, the body of a woman would inevitably have a hot shower. When the body is exposed to hot water, the heat is transferred to the body instantaneously and the previous one is therefore restored, although shortly.

How sensitive are women to cold?

Women are highly sensitive to both cold and heat compared with men. If temperatures decrease drastically, it is high that hormones will stimulate the female body to feel colder sooner.

Conversely, however, their body would be responsive to it but not to heat if subjected to prolonged low temperatures. To remedy the previously mentioned abnormality, women frequently take more hot water than cold water in the shower to battle cold.

If you are unable to take a warm shower, any other physical exercise is suited to combat cold.

Bottom Line

A warm shower can do amazing things. In addition, hot water, however, may cause some problems though it has significant benefits too.

Now that you know the benefits and the bad side of taking hot baths, maybe you can discover a suitable balance that most goes with the system of your body.

Attempts have been made to try hard and explain why this phenomenon exists. Science has also tried to bring the perception into being, to try to justify it.

Hot water offers health benefits that considerably enhance the system of the body. Hot water, a woman’s body, is a lifeline from the skin to other organs.

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