Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub

The shower curtain is used in a bathroom which has a bathtub, it hangs around the tub so that the water from the tub can’t spread out from the tub.

In a bathtub beside a shower curtain you’ve to use a liner too, here the liner will be used inside the tub and the shower curtain will be outside of the tub.

So it’s clear that the shower doesn’t go inside the tub, it’s hung outside of the tub.

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub

How do you use a shower curtain in a bathtub?

Literally, the shower curtain is hanging inside the bathroom and it is used to keep the outside dry from the bathtub.

I used it with a liner and put the curtain out of the tub and the liner stays in the tub so it feels a better look with a beautiful shower curtain and the liner keeps the curtain safe from water.

During the bath, I pull it open fully and after bath, I pull the curtain close and get out of the bath.

What are the Various Shower Curtain Types Available on the Market Today?

There are different types of shower curtains available in the market and if you’re not aware of them, you can’t get the right one of your own choice.

So from here, I’m describing to you about them, have a deep look for the best.

Cotton Shower Curtains

Cotton shower curtains are popular shower curtains among homeowners because of their easy uses.

Shower curtains need to be cleaned and cotton shower curtains are best for easy clean that’s why it’s the most popular shower curtain.

This type has maximum options for users with different colorful looks, you can get solid colors, dots, print, and more.

The best thing about a cotton shower is, it doesn’t take too much time for size and color as it has many options.

The cons of shower curtains are that they contain absorbency materials that’s why it gets soaked easily and takes too much time to dry and get mold and mildew often.

If you want to step out from these problems, you’ve to use a poly liner and wash it often.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

If you want a hassle-free life from maintenance of your shower curtains then vinyl shower curtains are the best option for you.

We have a busy life for better earning and that’s true and for that, we need to go for the real shortcut, if you don’t need to clean your shower curtains often then why not for that and this one is the right one in this case.

Vinyl’s synthetic nature makes it repellent against moisture for that it doesn’t need to keep dry and it won’t get any mold easily.

There are many options available in this type and many users use it as a liner too. Here choice and easier use is a matter than why not for it.

Microfiber Shower Curtains

If you want to use a soft shower curtain with a beautiful color then a microfiber shower curtain is the best option.

This fabric is my beloved fabric and its curtains are more effective than cotton, it absorbs lower water and also gets dry so fast with a good ventilator of your bathroom.

It can be clean in the washing machine and stable even with high water pressure or even in a bathroom fan.

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Decorative Shower Curtains

Decorative things are naturally attractive and this effect is also applicable in showers during a long bath.

Those people spend lots of time during the shower and want to feel comfortable with their eyes, so decorative shower curtains must be at the top of their priority.

The decorative shower curtains come with high-end materials for good looking. They lift it up too high for a gorgeous look and it’ll look premium too in a bathroom.

Decorative shower curtains are pretty costly and for that you’ve to be conscious of keeping them clean and long-lasting, adding a nylon or polyester water color liner will be best to add with it.

Extra-wide Shower Curtains

Extra-wide shower curtains are used around the bathtub and it offers full privacy of yours and the water also can’t get out from the tub to floor.

This type of shower curtain needs a rectangular rod hanging over the tub.

Hookless Shower Curtains

Hookless shower curtains are adjusted via a ring with curtain rods and you just need to fill them open and close, when you need to clean the curtain you’ve pulled out the rod from hanging, and then the curtains can be put out or can be put in it.

Hooked Shower Curtains

Hooked shower curtains come with several hooks with the shower curtain, this type is easier to open and attach the curtains, make sure the hooks are well built with a strong spring.

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What is The Best Type of Shower Curtain Liner?

The fabric curtain liner is best for use. You may say plastic liners are best to use as they can easily and don’t get attacked by mold easily but the reality is plastic liners leach toxic chemicals on your bathtub.

So taking a fabric shower liner will be better though it needs to be washed often.

Does The Shower Curtain Liner Go Inside or Outside of The Tub?

People get confused as they have two options of the shower curtain and shower curtain liner, clear your confusion and put the shower curtain liner into the tub.

The liner is used in the tub to keep the water where it is supposed to be, this way outer space of the tub and the shower curtain can keep dry.

How Far Into The Tub Should a Shower Curtain Hang?

If you don’t use any liner with shower curtains then you’ve to use the curtain into the tub and you can hang it below the lip of the tub at least 6 inches. It’s better to use a liner too.

Is a Plastic or a Fabric Shower Liner Better?

In my and experts’ opinion, a fabric shower liner is better than a plastic liner.

A plastic liner is better to use because it’s doesn’t get mold easily and doesn’t need to wash often. But the main point to avoid is that it offers toxic chemicals in the tub water as it’s made of chemicals.

On the other hand, you don’t worry about chemicals on a fabric liner but need to wash it often.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the inside shower curtain called?

It’s about the shower liner which is used inside of the tub so that the water from the tub can’t get outside of the tub.

Do I need a liner with my shower curtain?

Yes, everyone should use a liner with a shower curtain in their bathtub. The liner is used to hold the water in the tub and it helps to keep the curtain and floor dry.

What side of the shower liner goes inside?

The smooth side of the shower liner goes inside of the bathtub and the rough side is for the backside of the shower curtain.

Which materials are preferred best for shower curtains?

Fabrics made of cotton are best for shower curtains but for durable life, you should use a liner with that.

Are you supposed to leave the shower curtain open or closed?

After the bath, you should keep it open for some time to make it dry. If you close it immediately, the water can’t get air and it’ll become a hotspot of bacteria and mold. After drying, you can close the curtain.

Do You Put The Shower Curtain in the Tub?

No, I don’t put my shower curtain on the tub, the shower curtain is for the outside of the tub. Besides the use of a shower curtain, you’ve to use a liner and the liner is used in the tub.

Is the shower curtain supposed to touch the floor?

It depends on personal uses but I recommend keeping it high from the floor so you can prevent fall accidents, attacks of molds, and keeping it clean for more.

Which way should the shower curtain hook its face?

First, ensure the rough and smooth side of the shower curtain, the rough side of the hook will be at the backside of the shower curtain. After placing the hooks if it needs to lock then lock the hooks and the smooth side will be at your eyes when you’re in the tub.

How are shower curtains supposed to hang?

The shower curtains should be hung outside of the tub and it’ll be above the floor at least 5-7 inches, make sure the liner is used with it and the wrong side of the curtain should face the liner.

Why Should You Avoid Shower Curtains Made with Some Materials?

Shower curtains made with some materials are made with toxic chemicals and these chemicals release elevated levels of toxic chemicals into the air and water that lead them to harm the immune system and cause cancer. That’s why you should avoid shower curtains that are made of materials.

Final Words

The shower curtains are always kept outside of the and the liner used in the tub, hope it’s clear to you. The final suggestion is to use a fabric liner and shower curtain for a healthy life, “Health is wealth” hope you hear that.

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