How High To Mount Shower Head – [The Standard Shower Hight]

When you’re at home, it doesn’t simply have to be in your bedroom or sitting room—it can be in your bathroom as well.

Choosing the standard shower head height can be a difficult task because different requirements are imposed on different suggested shower head heights.

It is preferable to start with a conventional shower head height in the business. Different shower heads feature patterns that change their heights. For each installation, the designs are designed unique and fit for every height.

This guide will give you information about how high to mount shower head.

How High To Mount Shower Head

Types of Shower Heads and Their Required Standard Height

Wall Mounted Shower Head

A standard shower head height of 80 inches should be used when installing a wall-mounted shower head in a residence. You should select a height that is comfortable for you.

When having a large household, picking a particular shower size may be difficult. Fixing the shower to a height that suits everybody in your house will help with this issue.

Rain Shower Head

You will feel as if you are standing in the rain when using these shower heads. This fixture brings water up and splashes it straight on your head.

To meet the shower head height requirements, make sure the shower head fixture is installed at least 84 inches from the shower floor.

Handheld Shower Head

Are you the proud owner of handheld shower heads? Installing it will mean you have to install it in between the height of the shower head 72 inches and 78 inches from the bathroom floor, or in the shower area.

Why Do We Have Different Standard Shower Head Heights?

Selecting the standard shower height is dependent on factors such as your personal preferences and available space in the bathroom. Other than your height, it should be higher than everyone in your house should.

To put this into perspective, to go greater than 80 inches, a building must have heavy traffic like a hotel, commercial building, or guesthouse. It is indeed an excellent idea to install a bathtub this tall, especially when 7-footers may wish to shower in the bathroom.

It is best not to use the normal shower heads so that your taller guests will feel more comfortable. Instead, utilize handheld ones that feature long vertical bars for the primary means of adjusting the height.

Accidental bumps in the shower are eliminated, eliminating the necessity for building owners to respond to those complaints.

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Ideal Shower Space Requirements

It must be at least 36″x36″ within the shower. One of the smallest shower enclosures in sizes ranging from 32″x32″ is first on the list. Not only do you have the height and weight to do so, but you can stand as you do so.

The bathing space for people in wheelchairs should be 36×46 inches. To make enough room for an older person in your home, it is highly recommended that the shower space should be 36 inches by 48 inches.

How High Should a Wall Mounted Shower Head be?

How High Should A Wall Mounted Shower Head Be?

For the wall-mounted shower head, do you know how high should shower head be? To ensure that your shower head is fixed safely on the shower wall, the ideal shower head height should be between 75-80 inches.

It is always important to make your shower head comfortable, which means that you should adjust it to the height that works best for you.

Standard Shower Space Sizes

The size of the shower or the dimensions of the shower head are inextricably linked. An adequate amount of room for a shower is 36 inches square.

Height of Shower Head Controls

To make sure everyone can readily reach the shower controls regardless of their height, controls should be placed where they are accessible no matter where the user is.

To design an effective shower head, standard shower control height should be about 3 to 6 feet off the ground. Additional customization will also be based on individual desire and personal flair.

What Is the Ideal Shower Height for Business Establishments?

Don’t have any idea on the standard shower head height for a business establishment?

Well, You will also need to have a wide range of shower heads installed, whether you are constructing an apartment building or renovating a second house and turning it into a rental property.

Regardless of who the hotel owner is, everyone who is considering remodeling his or her restrooms should research this topic.

If you want to provide your renters and guests with relaxing, pleasant restrooms, you must depart from the norm. If guests are taller than an average of 80 inches, they will need to reserve a room of greater height.

No matter the size of the building, you should have an adjustable shower arm that will compensate for it.

For example, you may provide guests with a handheld shower or a sliding bar shower head to allow you to direct the shower head’s height.

Should the Shower Head always be set at 80 Inches?

It depends on the circumstances. Because 80 inches fits many individuals, it’s an excellent height. While some people might have found that it doesn’t work for them, others will disagree.

When it comes to shower heads, someone who is 6’8″ or taller may need shower heads that are set at least 80 inches to utilize them comfortably. If you have extra room, you might want to consider shifting it.

What are the regulations of Shower Head Height?

Shower head height is not fixed; it can be taller or shorter depending on the person using it. Each of us has a unique choice for our home and bathrooms, and this is why.

However, there are plumbing standards when you don’t know how to measure your shower head height.

However, using the standard shower head height is essential so that your bathroom is suitable for every family member. You can change the measurements to create something for you or your family if you want something unique.

Shower Head Height Installation

With the above standard shower head height, the best solution for straightforward installation is occasionally recommended. A shower head installation height should be right, but poor installation can ruin all.

Wall Mounted Shower Head

This is the most popular shower head and is excellent for you if you want to use a conventional industrial shower head.

Rain Shower Head

This imitates, as the name says, the sense of rain that allows flawless water down your head. It comes with the recommended height of the shower head and is perfectly equipped with low bathrooms.

Handheld Shower Head

Handheld shower heads with a 36″ to 72″ long tube for the control, and equipped with an amount, which is thus particularly appropriate for wall mounting.

Shower Head Height Codes

When determining which shower head height to utilize, there might be no regulation. However, if you are seeking a suitable height for the shower, many sellers will give you the standard shower head height code for the shower head.

When considering using the standard wall-mounted shower head, utilize the height of the shower head with measures from 80″ off the ground or half feet off the ground.

For individuals who use a rain shower head, it requires a height of eight, but a hand-held shower head is ideally equipped with 36-72″ tubes that can be mounted as well.

What do I do if my shower head is too high?

You can use this solution if your shower head is too high.

Different options are available to decrease or reduce the height of the shower head. The tactics that enable you to raise the the shower head can also lessen or drop the height.

The adjustable shower arm is good for budget-friendly homeowners. This extension of the shower arm fits the existing duct and reduces the height of the shower head.

Shower Head Height for Tall People

If you’re a six-footer, you’ll need to have your shower headset above the floor surface more than 72 cm.

In particular, the fixed shower head should be at least six inches above your head if you want to make a shower head for tall person. That would suggest that the surface of the shower floor is at least 80 inches high.

Shower Head Height for Short People

Other members of your home should also be taken into account. If the head of the shower is too high, children cannot reach the multi-function controls and adapt to them. Adults shorter will not even appreciate eight feet above a ground shower head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How High Should a Shower Door Be?

The normal height of the shower door ranges from 72 to 78 cm. The most popular shower doors are 72 inches high. They can even be up to 96 inches, which is not unusual.

What is the Ideal Shower Valve Height?

For a shower valve, the ideal height is 38″ to 48.” This depends mainly on the user’s height. Just make sure your shower valve is accessible both from inside and outside.

What is the Ideal Shower Wall Height?

The standard shower wall height should be 72 inches from the floor of the bathroom outside the shower. The height of a shower wall should be 70 inches from the drain to the top of the shower wall.

Why Does Shower Head Squeal?

If your shower’s water pressure is too high, the strength can pass too quickly through your shower head and make it squealy. A water pressure regulator can adjust your amount of pressure and aid to stop screaming.

Can You Adjust The Height of an Existing Shower Head?

The great news is that the bathroom doesn’t have to be fully refurbished to modify the height of your existing shower head. You may now use attachments on the market to alter shower heads with adjustable shower height and function differently.

How Do You Change The Angle of a Shower Head?

Let me tell you, you don’t have to get rid of your current shower head. A relatively simple solution to this problem is to add a swivel ball adaptor for the shower head. It will alter the tilt of your pivot ball and get the water where you want the ball.

How High Should a Rain Shower head be?

You should set your rain shower head at least 80 inches above your shower floor to maximize your shower’s rain performance. You can set it as high as 85 inches above the ground to ensure you feel like it’s raining just right.

How High Should a Handheld Shower Head be?

Handheld shower heads should be installed between 72 to 78 inches above the floor in your bathroom.

How High Should a Shower Enclosure be?

It is important to seal off the surfaces above the shower pan, too. The height of this typical shower enclosure is usually 72 to 78 inches above the shower floor of your bathroom.

What is the Best Height For a Rain Shower Head?

We recommend you install a rain shower from the shower floor at 84 inches. This is a pleasant height for anybody, big or little in the family.

What is the Rough Height for a Shower Valve?

The standard shower head height unit valves is 28 inches, or 2 feet, 4 inches. Install the valve in a typical height of 48 centimeters or 4 feet for shower stalls. Install valve-like faucets equidistant to the valve at the same height.

Where Should a Shower Head be Placed?

Shower heads should be installed from the shower pot or bathroom at 80″ or 203.2 cm from the shower floor. The height can be adapted to specific instances, but for the ordinary person and those that are somewhat bigger, it has shown to be a comfortable industry standard.

How Far Should the Shower Head be From the Ceiling?

The normal ceiling height can range from 84 to 120 inches, that is, 213 to 305 cm shower height from the floor.

The height depends on the shower and the bathroom design. Based on everything else, notably the shower heads, you need to pick.

Selecting the lower end of the typical ceiling height of 84 inches can prevent the rain shower head from being installed.

How High Should a Shower Head be Above Your Head?

The optimal height for your shower head is a few inches from your head especially if you are the tallest person in the building. I will normally recommend 3 inches to allow you to enjoy the various shower spray patterns during your shower periods.

Final Words

There are numerous things to consider when installing a new shower or renovating your bathroom. A key but often neglected problem is the height of a shower head.

If you want to get the most from your shower, you must install your shower head at the right height.

Not everyone has the same height and you may just choose what suits you best if you want a conventional shower head. Every time you take your shower, it can be embarrassing to bang your head.

I hope by reading this guide you will get enough information to install your shower head at a great height.

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